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What do YOU want to do, In The Garage?

This is the place for information, instruction and inspiration about all the things that make your Miata special.  Its about detailing, maintenance, up-grades and modifications that you may want to do or are just curious to learn about.  There are articles and videos from members about how they do things and interesting articles / videos that members have found.  Check back often for updates.  

Note the information in these articles is not reviewed or approved by Mazda nor the Northcoast Miata Club (NMC) and should only be followed at the user’s own risk and only if the user is comfortable with the tools and procedures explained.   The NMC does not accept any liability for damage or injury as a result of utilizing  information in these articles.  Common sense and safety must be first.

Modifications and Upgrades:

Performance upgrades:
Miata ECU Tuning Part 1  – by Rich Velardo – 7/2018
Miata ECU Tuning  Part 2 – by Rich Velardo – 7/2018
Tire Review – by Rich Velardo – 8/2018

Other equipment additions or upgrades:
Replacing Head Unit in ’95 Miata by Rich Velardo 3/19/22
Let talk about dash cams  
by Rich Velardo 11/26/21
Miata Dash Cam Install  by Rich Velardo 12/2/21
Installing Backup Camera – by Rich Velardo  – 7/2018
Adding a Roll Bar – by Daryl Baker – 4/2016, updated 9/2018
Custom Wheel Center Covers – by Rich Velardo 9/2018

Android Auto and Apple Carplay, which allow apps on your smartphone to display on the Info Display in the dash, came to some Mazda models in 2019.  A flash update for some previous year models is available.  The upgrade requires replacing the USB module and partial disassembly of the dash to make the connections to the display screen.

OBDII Reader review   by Bob & Diane Wildo – 8/2017

What Brake Fluid to use.  
Keith Tanner, of Flying Miata, posted a video on the proper brake fluid to use in our Miatas 12/3/21
Winter Storage Tips 
by Todd Tannahill 9/24/20
Bleeding Brakes with pressure bleeder by Rich Velardo – 11/2017
Tire issue in WV – by Dave Baker  – 8/2014
Centering an Off-Center Steering Wheel – by Rich Velardo  – 5/2014
Battery Service –  Battery acting strangely? -by Rich Velardo  3/2014
Headlight Polish by Rich Velardo  -3/2014
Winter Headlight Project by Rich Velardo  -2/2014

Other Sources:

Also, you can find many other articles on maintenance, modifications and other items of interest at the following:

Mazda Motor Sports in their  pages on Tips in the General pages and Garage pages
Flying Miata also has technical information at on their website


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