2022 Completed Events

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This page contains posts and pictures from Tours and Events completed so far this year. Additional details are available in the newsletters.
Boo Tour                                                                                   10/22

The Boo Tour took place on a weather perfect day where bright fall colors were on display throughout the area. There were 16 cars that participated on the tour and we met at the Oenslager Nature Center on Route 94 to begin our journey into the supernatural. Our first stop was the Perkins Stone Mansion located on Copley Road in Akron, Ohio. Once we arrived at Perkins Mansion, Ms. Leinne Neff Heppner, President & CEO of the Summit County Historical Society of Akron greeted our group along with several volunteers to take us on a tour through the Perkins Stone Mansion. During our tour, the staff shared with us their own paranormal experiences they have experienced while being inside the mansion. The volunteers reported hearing strange noises and seeing apparitions of a young boy and girl playing with a ball on the third floor of the mansion. We also heard stories about other reported sightings of a ghostly image of a woman descending the main staircase and a resident ghost cat that haunts the building as well.

We then headed over to the Wolf Creek Tavern in Norton, Ohio and visited their speakeasy, which was used during time of the Prohibition Era. Another historical fact about the Wolf Creek Tavern is that it was the site of the underground railroad during the Civil War. Once we arrived at the Wolf Creek Tavern our hostess met us and led our group downstairs to the basement of the building where the speakeasy is located. Our hostess shared some of the history about the speakeasy and then went into a presentation about the paranormal occurrences that have taken place. She shared with us her experiences about whiskey shot and wine glasses moving across the bar and shattering as though by unseen hands, and shadow figures lurking about in the basement and other strange happenings in the speakeasy. We then drove down to Barberton, Ohio where we visited one of the Anna Dean Built Barns, which was the Colt Barn. The Colt Barn was built in 1912 as a bull barn and was eventually converted into a colt barn in. Lois Kerklo spoke to the group about the history of the Colt Barn and shared some paranormal stories regarding the ghostly apparition of a young 18-year-old farmhand who was the unfortunate victim of a tragic accident that occurred near the property in 1911, where the Colt Barn would be built. Many residents in Barberton believe that the ghost of the farmhand haunts the Colt Barn and some people have reported seeing the face of an apparition in the window of the barn, as well as a photograph that was taken of a ghostly face peering out of one of the barn windows.

We then proceeded to the Green Diamond Grille in downtown Barberton where we dined on some delicious food and beverage, the end to a wonderful day. I want to give a big thank you to Lois and Mike Kerklo, who assisted me in the planning of the tour and route. I also want to thank Rod Barkley for his input, and to Marsha and Wayne Baker who acted as the sweep for the tour. I also want to give a big thank you for those fellow club members that participated, it was a great time for everyone.

Can’t wait for the 2023 driving season.

John James

Newcomers Drive                                                                      10/8

This was the final New Member drive for the 2022 season and there were 8 new members that braved the cold wind to meet at the Target parking lot in Aurora.  One member had already put her car away for the winter and another came just for the meet and greet portion. Those new members attending were, Nancy Anderson, Norm & Donna Anderson, Jim Balogh, Tom Berry, Donna &  Gregg Wilson. and Derek Tholt.  Sharing the new member drive with us were John & Jean Embree and of course our sweeps, Toni Oriti & Jackie Molina.

Even with the cold wind, the sun shone and sparkled thru the tree leaves making the fall leaves so vibrant.  Along the way, 2 hiccups were incurred with a ROAD CLOSED sign and then a BRIDGE OUT sign. These were not there when we ran the route a week before. We adapted and had everyone just play follow the leader.  We still made our lunch reservation on time and had a great time sharing.  The girls were involved in the ball game on the big screen with hoots and hand clapping.

Red Hawk Grille is always a great place to eat.  Food is served quickly to all and no one ever leaves hungry.  We thank Tony and Jackie for always being available to be our sweeps and thank all of those new members who chose to join us this season.   We are looking forward to the 2023 season!

Looking Down the Road,
Greg & Judy Selby

Marietta Madness Drive                                                     9/24-25

Marietta Madness weekend get-a-way had eight  Matia’s leaving Bolivar and heading into southeastern Ohio.  Bill Titley volunteered to lead the first leg of our journey, as he is very familiar with the roads there.  At rt 800, Mike and Lo took over the lead and on we ventured. In Barnesville, our group encountered the beginnings of the local Pumpkin Festival Parade. We managed to escape town before the event started, however we feared that Noland’s orange Miata might be commondered for the parade.

Arriving in Woodsfield, we stopped and shopped for our lunch at the local grocery store. From there we followed rt 78 to rt 536- known as the Ohio Tail of the Dragon, awesome road with tight twisty curves running along a high ridge.  Our group divided into two groups- the front  runners and those who liked a slower pace. Everyone arrived at the locks in Hannibal on the Ohio river for lunch.

From there we drove rt 255 & 26 to Marietta and our hotel.  At six pm all gathered in the lobby for a short drive to dinner.  John and Jeanne led us to Spagna’s restaurant where we enjoyed wine, Italian cuisine and conversation.

In the morning the weather looked ominous, but after a brief shower on rt 60 the weather turned perfect. The Miatas turned north on to rt 83, which was just breathtaking, lazy curves and spectacular vistas. Our adventure ended at Raven’s Glenn restaurant – great trip !

Mike & Lo and John & Jeanne would like to thank all who joined us – Bill Titley & Linda , Dave & Karen Baker, Phill Daly and Patty, Bob & Ruth Noland, Terry & Roseann Walls, and Chuck & Judy Wolf.

A special thanks to John and Jeanne for sharing in everything it took to put this drive together.

Mike & Lo  John & Jeanne
Mystery Tour                                                                      9/17

Tour Leader:  John James

A group of Miatas on the last Saturday of Summer took a tour through the back roads of Summit and Medina Counties. The weather was perfect for our drive as we drove top down on some nice curvy roads. You could tell that some of the signs of autumn were present as we noticed that some of the trees were beginning to turn. We ended up having dinner at the Corkscrew Saloon where our group dined on such entrees as ribeye steak, chicken parmesan, vegetarian pasta, pork chops, and flat iron steak. The food is really good and the Corkscrew Saloon has always accommodated our club in the past. It was a great day for a great drive, and I want to give a big thank you for those members who went on the tour.

John James
Pretty Boy Floyd Tour                                               9/10

Hosted by Todd & Dee Tannehill

Member in seven Miata’s met at the Shale Tavern in Lisbon, Ohio. We turned things around a bit and had a great lunch before embarking on a very curvy drive through Columbiana County.  Our drive took us down 164 to Amsterdam, OH and then east to the Ohio River. We journeyed to Calcutta, OH where we stopped in a field to pose by the state marker for the “Place where Pretty Boy Floyd was gunned down.” He was fleeing law enforcement for Oklahoma.

After a pose for a picture or two, the group was on the way Northwest to Columbiana, OH. After a great 2.5 hour drive, we arrived at Orange Leaf Frozen Yogurt for a cool treat before breaking up. Dee and I had a great time leading this tour and thank Ed Kura for running Sweep duty!

Todd Tannehill
Ruple Museum Tour                                                              9/14

Hosted by the Ottes and Selbys

Twenty-three Northcoast Miata members gathered at the Target store in Aurora for the 10 AM departure to The Ruple Ford Museum in Willoughby.  The day was sunny by the time we left heading up Rt 91 (Som Center Rd) to Rt, 20 to Biedler Rd.  The drive has lots of traffic lights thru the retail areas but everyone did a good job of keeping together.

As we entered the warehouse museum, we were awe struck by the cars and neon signs.  Every Ford model from 1917 to 2003 is represented in this family Ford collection.  They all looked in perfect condition and we were told that everyone runs and drives.  They had the same mechanic for 30 years ((retired) and his only job was to maintain this fabulous collection.  This was the first building, full of about 100 cars and a collection of gas pumps and buckets, all things that you would find in an operating garage, in perfect condition.

Tom Ruple, one of the owners, said that the neon collection alone was worth several hundred thousands of dollars. Every neon sign in the building was shown to be in working order.  What a fabulous display.  Buildings 2 and 3 were full of antique Ford tractors and some equipment as well as some of the later limited edition model Ford cars along with more neon signs. This private collection is only open to the public two times a year by invitation.   Ron Otte worked diligently for 6 months to get the Northcoast Miata Club a private showing.  Good Job Ron!!!

Leaving the Ruple Ford Museum, our caravan headed back for a short drive to Interstate 90 for lunch at the Red Hawk Grille in Concord.

Greg & Judy Selby and Ron & Linda Otte
Age of Steam Drive                                                                          8/25

Tour Leaders:  Mike & Lo Kirklo

All aboard! The Miata ” train” left station Wadsworth and headed south to the roundhouse near Baltic, Ohio. Almost immediately an obstacle presented itself in the form of a malfunctioning railroad crossing gate. How ironic, being stopped by a train on our way to see trains! Slipping around the downed gates, on we traveled only to encounter one lane construction sites, repaving on rt. 250, and 557 but we finally made it to the Age of Steam. After a brief safety video, our tour guide led us into the mammoth roundhouse where the giant steam engines lurked. We learned how a steam engine functions, the history of each engine, and how a roundhouse functions. Quite an impressive display, the size of these engines was mind boggling. After our tour, we drove six miles to Baltic for a delicious lunch at East Main St. restaurant. From there we drove lazy back roads to Keim Lumber in Charm, first having to detour around a closed bridge. Keim Lumber was open, it was a non- Ascension Day! The tour ended at Dalton Dari- Delite for the traditional ice cream gathering. Thanks to all who attended, we had a great time. And a big thanks to our “caboose” John & Jeanne Embree.
Mike & Lo

Club Picnic                                                                                                 8/21

Awesome time for the Club Picnic.  We went from 96 members signed up to 46 once all cancellations were in, but 26 members attended.  It was too late to cancel or change the meat order so we invited the Ohio State Highway Patrol and the Beaver Township police to join us.  Weather held with zero rain, but the Miata’s were all parked under the pavilion.

Thanks so much to Lisa Mlynarek Terlesky (chair), Tony Terlesky, Dee Heller Tannehill, Len & Mary Beth Majerick Kozak, Ed Kura and Judy Kura, and Barb and Thomas Chew for helping set up.   Lisa did a great job planning! To all the prep, cleanup and tear down is the same.

Todd Tannehill
AWL – Peter Allen Inn                                                                            8/9

Hosts: Ottes and Selbys

Tuesday, August 9th under the threat of sprinkles 20 members met at the End of the Commons store in Mesopotamia (click for website) on the corner of Rt 87 and Rt 534.  This store is an old-time store carrying many items that harken back to the days of our parents and our youth. One of the items I am most fond of is chocolate Necco wafers and I saw many purchase fry pies and buckwheat pancake flour.

After spending an hour or so meandering the store the drivers meeting was held and Ron gave some interesting details of the area we would be driving thru on Rt 87.  We set out with tops down for the 17-mile drive to our luncheon destination, the Peter Allen Inn (click for website).

Our reservations were for 12:30 and arriving a few minutes early we took the opportunity to observe the gorgeous grounds. This was an upscale dining experience with white table cloths and cloth napkins.  Food was served in a timely manner and it became quiet while everyone enjoyed their lunch.

Some of the members took the time after lunch to take a self-guided tour of this facility and all its finery. Those that joined us for this AWL were Leavens, Kuras, Terleskys, Simmelinks, Embrees, Nolands, Klerkos, Tony Oriti and Jackie Molina.  If you have an afternoon, take a ride and enjoy this establishment!

Looking Down the Road,
Greg & Judy Selby
Ron & Linda Otte
Leroy Engineering Tour  “Anything & Everything Miata”       8/4

Tour Leaders:  Greg & Judy Selby

On Thursday, August 4th, Greg Selby hosted a drive to Leroy Engineering located in Chardon.  We met at Johnny’s Pizza on the corner of Rt 44 & 87 in Newbury at 5:45 PM where a few Miata members were eating supper.  We had 12 cars for the short drive to Leroy Engineering.

As we pulled into the industrial park, we were greeted by Jonathan Staggs, the Leroy Engineering staff and Mrs. Staggs, Lindsey Staggs and Lisa Staggs (Jonathan’s wife).  Did I say this was a family business?   Oh, I can’t forget Hazel and Daisy, the resident dogs.
The staff and the Miata members gathered in small groups for a tour of their facility.  Questions were asked and explanations were given on how some of the equipment worked.  Some of our members asked questions pertaining to maintaining their own Miatas.

Three people were treated to a ride in the Leroy Engineering race car (ask Lois Kerklo if it was fun). Three others were offered a ride in Jonathans’ personal Miata to experience how the modified suspension handles.

Those that joined for this opportunity were, Todd Tannehill, Tony Terlesky, Ed Kura, Len Kozak, Tom Walden, Chuck Wolf, Tony Oriti, Mike & Lois Kerklo, Dave Baker, Glenn Moenich, Rich Fink, and Greg & Judy Selby.

We believe that everyone left with valuable information. We want to thank the Staggs family for their hospitality in opening up their facility for the Northcoast Miata Club to tour.Looking Down the Road,
Greg & Judy Selby
Painted Ponies & Flying Fish                                                                    7/28

Tour Leaders Mike & Lo Kirklo and Greg & Judy Selby

Eleven Miata members met in Aurora for the start of the Painted Ponies Tour. Greg & Judy led the group to Joe Leonard’s gallery near Garrettsville. Joe is a world-renowned carousel horse carver and we all admired his beautiful steeds on display as well as hundreds of assorted artworks.

Mike and Lo took the tour into the Keystone state to Pymatuning Reservoir to feed the frantic carp at the spillway. If you grew up in Pa., this was a rite of passage during your childhood. From there meandered our way to Franklin Pa. for an early dinner at Benjamin’s restaurant –  great food! Also a big thanks to the local Methodist church for allowing us to park all the Miatas in their parking lot, safe and sound from the street parking.  On home to Ohio and an ice cream stop in Parkman to end the long day’s drive.

Thanks to our sweeps for the day, Bill & Deb, Wayne & Marsha and Tony & Jackie, and all who joined us! PS, the fish cookies were a big hit – thanks Judy!Mike & Lo and Greg & Judy
The Mid-Summer Tour                                                                            7/23

Tour Leaders:  Sandy & Joe Wilick and Jan & Bob Stefancic

Ten cars and 19 members departed from McDonald’s in Independence, OH and started through the Metropark for a leisurely drive enjoying the scenery and the coolness from the shade trees. We were all surprised when we saw Joe and Sandy in their Miata waving to us.  Joe and Sandy did all the work planning this tour but unfortunately had to relinquish the hosting of the tour to Bob and Jan.

We stopped at Punderson State Park for a restroom break and then headed on to the Corner Field Model Railroad Museum and Trading Post Train Shop. We lost a couple of cars at one turn, but everyone was back together before long. The train shop asked that we park in a row on the grass so that people could admire our cars, but we didn’t see too many admirers. The Gauge O train display is very fascinating. Many trains circle around a very large display that includes Ferris wheels, buildings of all sorts, traffic lights that work, a roundhouse, model cars, traffic signs, McDonalds restaurants, and even an alien spaceship. There are so many details to see each time you walk around the display.

We took a short drive to lunch at Mary Yoder’s for lunch. The service and food were excellent. The weather was almost perfect. We only had a few raindrops near Mary Yoder’s and because most of the tour was cloudy, it stayed cooler than expected. Luckily, the predicted storms never materialized. After lunch, everyone was on their own to head home or to visit other places nearby.
Jan Stefancic
Wine Tour                                                                                                    Wed 6/1/22
Tour Leaders: Dave & Karen Baker and John & Jeanne Embree.A morning ride, lunch at a winery, and a casual ride to a second winery.  It was a day of great weather, lovely food and wine, and best of all a fun group of people.
Karen Baker

Great Curves Drive                                                                                         7/20

Tour Leaders:  Ed & Judy Kura

The weather was on our side for the Great Curves Drive on Thursday, July 20.  12 cars with 22 club members and 2 guests met at 9 AM in Canton for a revised version of a Good Curves Drive originally created by Bob Maurer.  After just a few modifications due to road construction, a shortened version of the drive was ready to launch.
Ed and Judy Kura split the lead driving, with Judy leading the first half and Ed taking us to lunch.  Lots of sunshine and no buggies or bicycles made for a fun and somewhat leisurely (most of the time) ride through some beautiful scenery on awesome roads in southeast Ohio.  The drive went on for about 125 miles with one rest break about halfway through.  Our tour concluded at Mr. Lee’s Restaurant in Cambridge for a delicious lunch, and yes, there was pie!

After the club drive and lunch, many convened at the Yellow Butterfly Winery in Newcomerstown for a refreshing beverage to top off the day.  Special thanks to Tony and Lisa Terlesky for sweeping!  A good time was had by all and it’s safe to say that everyone is looking forward to the next club drive!

Ed and Judy Kura

Tour – Malabar Farms Park                                                                 7/19

Tour:  Leaders Mike & Lo Kirklo

After a tornado devastated Malabar Farm in June, we rescheduled the drive for July 17 th. That day, however, was soggy and chilly, but as usual, the Miatas braved the weather and everyone went tops up. We cruised back scenic roads, including the Old Lincoln Highway and Johnny Appleseed By-Way, arriving at Malabar a bit wet but all together.

After cookies and a quick look at the Visitor Center, we were hauled up to the Big House to begin the tour of Louis Bromfield’s home. Our guide told us many humorous stories of the family, their packs of boxer dogs and Hollywood visitors, as well as dozens of rooms in the house. After the tour the group was divided about doing the grounds tour. But the tour guide decided to ” kidnap ” the group and off she took them with the tractor and wagon.

When they returned, a little damp and cold, we drove a short distance to Malabar Inn. for a lovely lunch in the historic building. The Miatas headed home on rt 95 to Wooster and a stop at Hartzells for ice cream. Thanks to all those who joined us and thanks also to Daryl & Jane for being our sweeps for the day!

Mike & Lo
Mid-Ohio Vintage Races.                                                                6/26

Rich Velardo

Despite the threat of rain in the forecasts all week & despite a wrong turn by the Fearless (but brain dead) Leader, all of our cars made it safely to Mid-Ohio for the Vintage Races. Once parked in the car corral most of us headed to the pits to get up close & personal with the race cars, then it was time to enjoy some of the faster, louder of the race cars and then finally, back to the cars in time for our parade laps. An accident during the last race before the lunch break closed the track and we only got to do a single, slow parade lap. Boooooo——hisssssss

But then we got back to watch the races & eat some lunch of our own. While we were enjoying our lunch & watching the races the Concours de-Elegance judges were finishing their judging & putting awards on the winning cars. Two of our club cars won awards, Glenn Moenich won 2nd place for Judges Choice, Contemporary Class (1981 & Newer) and Rich Velardo won third place for Judges Choice Best of Show.

Of course, after a fun day like this one, we must be back next year for the Vintage Races. A video to watch, crank this up to the max to get somewhat of an idea on the volume these cars put out…. https://www.flickr.com/photos/152108183@N07/52175320114/in/datetaken/

Rich Velardo
The Great Race.                                                                                  6/21

Tour Leader:  Rich Velardo

They came, we saw & they left…but before that, we ate.  Lunch was at Thyme2 in Medina, the staff there did an outstanding job making all 25 of us happy diners.

Once lunch was over with, we wandered up to the Medina Square to watch approximately 120 pre-1974 rally cars park around the square for an hour’s break in their travels. Cars ranged from a pair of 1916 Hudson race cars, to just about anything that you can imagine. There were lots of Mustangs, Corvettes, old Fords (from the teens to early ‘70s Mustangs), old Chevys, trucks…how about a Graham Brothers truck from 1925…a 1955 Citroen Traction Avant. In short, was an amazing & eclectic collection and we were able to get up close & personal with the cars & drivers. Pictures can be found here;  https://flic.kr/s/aHBqjzVgWA

Rich Velardo
Old Port Washington Tour                                                                     5/26

Tour Leaders:  Mike & Lo Kirklo

The morning drive found twelve Miatas facing fussy weather with threatening rain clouds. But tops were down the first half of the tour which covered miles of back, isolated roads. The group stopped on a high ridge for a photo shoot and then on to Charm for a rest stop.

This drive will now be known as the “Ascension Day Bombshell” Keim Lumber was closed, Charm was deserted, nothing Amish was open! Unknown to us, this was a major holiday for them. There we sat in an empty parking lot, but not empty bladders! Regrouped to Baltic restaurant and thankfully bathrooms. whew!

Curvey, sweepy  Rt. 731 brought us to Raven’s Glenn for lunch. The owner personally greeted us and thanked us for coming. A delicious lunch, prizes and much jawing followed. We departed north on c. h. 93, arriving at our ice cream stop on rt 30 and the conclusion of a super Miata event.

FYI – No matter how carefully you plan a drive, you never know how it is going to play out! Beware!!

Mike and Lo
Zooming at the Gap                                                            May 8 – 13, 2022

Tour Organizer:  Bill Titley

The annual Zooming at the Gap had 11 Miatas with a total of 19 fun-loving participants; 13 from the Northcoast Miata Club, 4 from the Toledo Club, and 2 long-time participants who drove all the way from FL.  Each day had a drive of 200 + miles of scenic twisty roads around the Smoky Mountains National Park and included several trips through the Tail of the Dragon, some slowed by traffic, but all great fun.  Good fellowship and food were enjoyed by all despite a couple of last-minute changes due to COVID-related staffing issues at planned restaurants.  Also helping Bill Titley keep things organized were Linda Goosman and Steve and Pat Beam.

Freeze your Butt Off Tour                                       April 23, 2022

Tour Leaders: John & Donna Garsteck and Mike & Lois Kirklo

What an awesome day we had! The weather was in the 80’s and 41 cars filled with 80 members and guests met in Medina for the 26th annual FYBO tour. This was the warmest day in the history of the tours. It is an awesome sight to see all of the shiny cars with their tops down gathered in the parking lot. A driver’s meeting was held at 9:15 and at 9:30 the first group of 11 cars were on their way. Followed by 3 more groups. We traveled backcountry roads with scenic views, some Amish buggies, and endured spring smells from the farms all while enjoying a leisurely drive.
We arrived at the Der Dutchman restaurant in Walnut Creek for lunch. The tables were set up and ready for us.   As always, the service was excellent, and the food was good.
We were excited to have Todd and Dee’s charity sock drive be a part of the tour this year. Thank you for organizing this and to the tour members for their generous donations of 189 pairs of socks for the Veterans Outreach program.

Thank you to everyone for their help!
The group leaders; John & Donna, Mike & Lois, Dale & Cathy, and John & Jeanne.
Not to be forgotten, the sweeps who kept the groups together, Jim & Marilyn, Dan & Terri, Wayne & Marsha, and Dave & Karen.
Thank you to Dan Cali for helping members find a group to join when they arrived at the meeting area.
Those that took pictures and shared them on club sites, Thanks.
A huge Thank You to Mike & Lois, we could not have done it without your help.
What a great turnout! Thank you to all the members who joined us.

John, Donna, Mike & Lois
Think Spring Party,                                                                      April 9, 2022

Hosts:  Doug & Carol Leavens

The Think Spring Party returned after a COVID-induced pause and was a great success with approximately 38 members attending on a very nice evening with no snowstorms to drive home in.  There was a great assortment of desserts and appetizers to feast on.  And of course, there were many great wines to sample and coffees to try.  The Party started at 6 pm and went well past 10 in the evening.  Everyone enjoyed the time to chat with all their friends after a long winter.  There were even a few Miatas in the driveway.

Thanks to everyone who attended in making this a great event.

Doug & Carol Leavens