Shelby Bicycle Days (Saturday) July 15, 2017, Bob Maurer

Bob Maurer will lead a simple caravan (about 50 miles) to the Shelby Bicycle Days,  an annual celebration of Shelby and other vintage bicycles and motorbikes held in Shelby, OH (northwest of Mansfield).

Shelby Cycle Company manufactured special interest bikes from 1925 to 1953 including the Lindy Flyer (1928) and the Donald Duck.  Shelby also manufactured a large number of bikes sold through Montgomery-Ward, Firestone, Goodyear and Spiegel until AMF bought out Shelby.

Many collectable bikes, Whizzer conversion motorbikes, high wheelers and 1940s-50s bikes like the Hopalong Cassidy will be on display.  There will also be a bike decorating contest and a bike parade.   Food vendors  will be available all day along with a pie auction!

More information about Bicycle Days at:

Below are the event times.  Come and go or stay as long as you like.

10:15     Meet at TA Travel Center/ Country Pride/Popeye/Burger King at I-71 and SR 224.
10:30     Caravan to Shelby OH
11:30->  Bicycles, displays and food vendors all day
Noon     Bike Decorating Contest
2:00       Parade of bicycles and floats
3:30ish  Historical Shelby Cycle Display
3:30ish  Pie Auction !!

No sign-up necessary, but if you want to let Bob know that you will attend, or have questions about the drive, you can contact him here or 330-316-8697

Tom Walden – a new web guy

Hello fellow club members,

I am Tom Walden and I will be helping Daryl with the web site.  I have been a member for about a year,  joining after buying what my wife calls my second mid-life,  or maybe post retirement, crisis – a soul red 2016 Miata.

My first “crisis” was a Toyota MR2 Turbo that I had for 23 years as a daily driver and also used for some autocrossing and track days.   I hope to get back into both with the Miata – maybe with a few upgrades.  My wife Cathy and I have been in Brecksville for 30+ years, moving here from Baton Rouge, LA.

Following are a couple of things I found interesting about the new Miata design.   First is a very interesting upgrade by Flying Miata:

Also,  Car and Driver recently reviewed the 2017 Miata – they really like it, as they did the 2016.  But what’s not to like about the new design  – except maybe no spare, no glove compartment and practically no trunk space.  But that didn’t stop me – golf clubs just ride in the passenger seat.

I am looking forward to the activities this summer and getting to know the members.

Stay tuned for more to come. You can reach me (Tom) here



Touring Guide- STRESS or STRESS-FREE?

When guiding a tour there can be stresses on the leaders that can make for an uncomfortable time.  A few tips may help reduce that stress.  Good preparation of your event along with a little common sense is the key.

There are usually not many stresses on Tour Participants.  As a Participant you just show up at the planned starting point, hopefully on time, and even better, plenty early, to mingle and meet new and old friends, enjoy a coffee or snack, and enjoy a beautiful morning.  Some people could get stressed by meeting new people for the first time. Some people may get nervous about how to tour in a group if you haven’t done it before.  Sometimes people have to adjust to someone else making all the decisions on a tour, and are stressed by just following along all day.  Seems silly, doesn’t it? Continue reading Touring– STRESS or STRESS-FREE?


Picnic tour to Columbiana, Ohio,
July 8th, 2017 Doug & Carol Leavens

We will be departing from North Royalton, Ohio at 1pm sharp. Meeting place to be determinedbut we will be having lunch at the meeting place at noon. Please let us know if you will join us for lunch.

We will be taking rt 303 east till we met Rt 82 and quickly take 534 south to Newton Falls. Then continue south on 534 to Rt 14 east to the picnic in Columbiana at the Beldings home.

Continue reading PICNIC TOUR TO COLUMBIANA -7/8


MEET IN THE MIDDLE TOUR , August 27 (Sunday) Doug Leavens

Mark your calendars for the third Meet in the Middle picnic tour with the Buckeye Miata Club from Columbus. We will be meeting them at the Mohican State Park about noon for a great picnic. We expect about 50 cars total. There will be hot dogs and hamburgers.  Every one is asked to bring a small dish to share, along with beverage of their choice (no alcohol).  There will be a small charge, still to be determined but under five dollars each. We will be meeting at the corner of Marks Rd and Rt 303 in Brunswick at a service plaza. This is west of I-71 a few miles. This site gets us out of all the traffic lights. We will depart at 9:30 in two groups. It will be a nice relaxing two hour drive to the state park.

Any questions please contact Doug at 440.734.FIVE. SIX.32 or by email here

There is no limited on cars but please respond that you are coming so we can plan the food with the Columbus group.  Again my email is douglas_ leavens@

2017 Tees and Hats

New pricing for NMC T-shirts and hats

The new 2017  T-shirts are black, and hats are Blue with safety green ink this year.
Hats are $5
T-shirts are $10
Long sleeve shirts are $12
I will also be taking orders for any special colors or ladies size T-shirts. Or if you have something you wanted printed please bring it to the meeting. But they must coordinate the color with safety green ink to avoid ink charge.
Contact Dan Cali here.

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