About Northcoast Miata Club

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The Northcoast Miata Club (NMC) is centered in Northeast Ohio, based in Cuyahoga Falls, southeast of Cleveland. The club was founded in 1990.  Today, our membership celebrates the Mazda Miata with day tours to local destinations,  plus weekend and even week-long treks to distant roads.  Our members share autocross, trips to landmark sites and cultural events, plus dinners, picnics, and ice-cream stops.  We welcome all who have that same passion for their Miata and enjoy meeting new people and going to new places.

Our members range from the shores of Lake Erie down through central Ohio.  We network with other Miata clubs when we get the chance, such as at events in Deals’ Gap, clubs in central and northwest Ohio, and the annual RiverRun to Marietta.

To describe Northcoast Miata Club in just a few words: nice cars, fun roads, cool people, neat places, great food.

We are a club centered around fun things to do in a Miata.  New relationships always grow from good experiences repeated over time.  That’s why we gather year-round in Northern Ohio to celebrate those good times and to plan more good times for the seasons ahead.

Any time people gather for more than an hour, food and drink are needed.  Is food and drink the key?  Probably not, but they are necessary for our comfort and provide an excuse to reunite.  Our Around the World Dinners (AWD) and Lunches (AWL) go on each month of the year in different neighborhoods.  We experience the culinary delights that a member has in their local area that others haven’t heard of or haven’t made the time to find.  In nice weather, the Miata makes that drive to new places not so long, and after dinner the Miata makes it easier to take the long way home.  Just because we can.

Ice cream is always an attraction for us. The Miata is most fun when the weather is warm and sunny, the top is down, and you’re cruisin’ along some twisty curvy roads.  What is more enjoyable than some cold smooth ice cream to cool you down after or during such a drive?  We call it Sundaes on Monday because we do it every Monday during the driving season.  Is it about the ice cream or the Miata?  No one is quite sure but ice cream is a part of most of our gatherings.

Although our primary focus is that little sports car, finding places to go in the Miata becomes an addiction.  Our membership hovers around a hundred and fifty families, and a core of about half of that number are very active attending events.  Most times our tours have to be capped to keep them manageable.  So we schedule even more events so everyone can have somewhere to go!  Can we make room for more?  Ask a new member from the last year or two if they had a problem fitting in.  Sign up and show up!  That’s how we roll.

We have a small group of dedicated performance drivers who autocross as often as possible.  We have plenty of street maniacs who need to know exactly where the limits of the Miata really are.  And then we have the modifiers and the customizers, a fanatical group who are always looking for something to make better or different.   Help is just an inquiry away for our members if you want advice or help with your Miata.  Also, many of our members enjoy their Miatas just as they came from the factory.   So whether your driving style is performance or casual touring or in-between and your Miata is stock or modified, you will fit right in.

Most of our members are happiest keeping their Miata’s shiny and ready-to-roll, waiting for that next great sunny adventure.   While our club doesn’t have Tech Nights like some groups, that doesn’t mean you won’t see a few members under the hood or down on the ground looking and talking about the Miata.

Our club is a non-profit organization registered under IRS regulation 501(c)(7).

Thanks for spending a little time finding out about the Northcoast Miata Club.  We hope to see you at an upcoming event.

Connecting Miata Enthusiasts in North & Central Ohio