Historical Event and Tour Log

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The club has had many interesting events for members to enjoy.  This page has links to a Database Log of all (or most all) Events and a Graph of Events since the beginning of the Club.
The Events are grouped by year and by major event type:
1)  Tours that were Club sponsored
2)  ATW (Around The World Dinners / Lunch)
3)  SOM (Sundaes on Monday)
4)  Other (including club picnics, joint events with other clubs and events sponsored by others but where club members had an organized group in attendance such as other Tours, autocross events and other automotive related events)

Please contact the webmaster if you need the original Excel file which can be sorted by each of the columns.  The Database Log has been updated for events through December 2021.  Special thanks to Jan Stefancic and Tiffany Fonner who prepared the updates.  If you have any corrections please contact the webmaster.

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