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Autocross is driving as fast as you can in a safe and controlled environment.  The course is temporary (often in a parking lot) and tight (using cones to mark the exact course)  and emphasizes handling over raw speed – thus runs are relatively low speed.

Introduction to Autocross

Rich Velardo has prepared several documents that together are a very through introduction to competing at the autocross held by Akron Sports Car Club (ASCC) at Dragway 42.   In addition, there are links to the Sports Car Club of America (SCCA) rulebook governing autocross events and details of what cars are in what classes.  Please click on the following links to get prepared for autocrossing.

1.  Introduction: Autocross at Dragway 42

2.  Miata Classification Guide for Autocross 

3.   Quick Reference to Autocross Prep

4.   Autocross Arrival Guide

5.  Other Information about Autocross at Dragway 42

6.   Video of a run by Rich Velardo in his Miata at Dragway 42.  This “driver’s eye” view of an autocross run shows the course is so much nicer and faster than the normal “sea of cones” at most autocross events.


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