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The most current newsletters are in the Members’ Only section. 

newsletters from 2017

January 2017 Exhaust Notes – election results, holiday reviews, planning meeting, mid-size truck review, February 2017 Exhaust Notes – updates for scheduled Winter and Spring events. planning and board meeting reviews.  RIP Jackie Williams. March 2017 Exhaust Notes – Spring dining events dominate  but tours are still a bit away.   Product Review: Koni FSD shocks.  Looking for even more  volunteers.
April 2017 Exhaust Notes –  A few reviews and announcements.  2017 Autocross Schedule.  Sundaes on Mondays Schedule, Fiat 124 Spider test drive, Club waiver discussed. May 2017 Exhaust Notes -summer tours,  dinners, picnics announced. Still looking for volunteers. June 2017 Exhaust Notes   –  Several tours in June and July, great dinners and the July 8th picnic.  A volunteer still needed for Historian but help is on the way for the web.
JULY 2017 Exhaust Notes AUGUST 2017 Exhaust Notes September 2017 Exhaust Notes – AWD dinners, local and  Mountains of East Tennessee” tours.   Proposed By-law  changes explained. 
October 2017 Exhaust Notes – Details about  Boo Tour,  Autumn Fun Rallye,  Mountains of East Tennessee and the Christmas Lights Tours.  November 2017 Exhaust Notes –  holiday fun events including tours and the Holiday Party . Membership is now 263. DECEMBER

Newsletters from  2016

January 2016 Exhaust Notes – Holiday reviews, new year, new plans. welcome new officers,  JIS head screws, Brough Superior Motorcycles, fall tours already announced. February 2016 Exhaust Notes– Spring and Summer events.   Two Deals’ Gap trips detailed, SEMA Show in Las Vegas, Miata Engine Oil Leaks Guide.
March 2016 Exhaust Notes – details for seventeen Spring & Summer 2016 NMC events, plus a Miata cooling system maintenance guide, the history of the   ‘Mazda’ marque… and more! April 2016 Exhaust Notes  – Spring event reviews, summer event details, the new 2017 RF version of the MX-5, review of a rollbar installation project, another miata maintenance guide.
May 2016 Exhaust Notes– Several new tours: Memorial Car Show, National Road Tour, Gardens, Membership Picnic, plus many recent event reviews. June 2016 Exhaust Notes – Two pages of photo reviews, five pages of upcoming tours near & far, 2016 Mazda3 reviewed.
July 2016 Exhaust Notes – Picnic, car show, summer and fall tours, dinners, fun rallye, Miata facts you didn’t know. August 2016 Exhaust Notes –  Reviews of the summers’ events, picnics & dinners.  Eleven more tours are in this edition, and more dinners too.  Need  for volunteers for Treasurer and Secretary for next year to step up now.
September 2016 Exhaust Notes – Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Membership, Historian and Competition Director are all up for grabs for 2017.  Reviews of summer events and previews of the fall tours in this newsletter.   October 2016 Exhaust Notes -nominations, reviews, fall events. Banquet form and announcement.
 November 2016 Exhaust Notes – fall tour reviews, Banquet announcement, election ballot, December lights and dinner, planning meeting announcement. December-2016-Exhaust Notes – election ballot, banquet details, year-end reviews, planning meeting details, Continental Tire Carrier.


January 2015 exhaust notes – Bicentennial Barns Intro story, planning meeting, new Officers. February 2015 Exhaust Notes   – Reviews of winter events, several spring events profiled.  New member Bob Maurer is happy to be here.
March 2015 Exhaust Notes – Four dinners, one party, and eight tours are listed this month. April-2015 Exhaust Notes  – a plethora of tours are listed plus the entire Sundaes on Mondays schedule for the year.  A couple reviews are included too.
May-2015 Exhaust Notes 14 tours and reviews for a busy spring and summer.  Silver Anniversary Tour announcement & registration. June-2015 Exhaust Notes – A summer full of tours.  Reviews of recent events.  NMC Silver Anniversary Tour.  A Breakfast, plus Lunches & Dinners.  Picnics.  Ice Cream.  Wine.  Miata for sale. Its all here.
July-2015 Exhaust Notes – A big edition this month.  Lots to read about. August-2015 Exhaust Notes – busy details for August & September events.
September-2015 Exhaust Notes – ND reviewed. summer events reviewed.  Bob tackles cold-air intake mod.  More tours still coming. October-2015 Exhaust Notes- Summer Reviews.  Bob’s still making changes to his MX-5.          MAZDA KOERU; The all-new crossover concept is reviewed plus 2016 Mazda CX-3 S is reviewed.
November 2015 Exhaust Notes – fall tour reviews, storage tips, banquet and planning information, MX-5 Cup: Race Car Production news. December 2015 Exhaust Notes –  Part 2 of Bicentennial Barn Tour Review,  winter meetings and schedules, elections, banquet, CX-9 reviewed, Fiat 124 released.


January 2014 Exhaust Notes Newsletter.   February 2014 Exhaust Notes Newsletter.   March 2014 Exhaust Notes Newsletter. lots of new events included this month.
April 2014 Exhaust Notes Newsletter – the largest newsletter in quite a while. May 2014 Exhaust Notes Newsletter – 2015 Miata Announced, tour reviews and announcements June 2014 Exhaust Notes Newsletter – summer tours, spring tour reviews
July 2014 Exhaust Notes Newsletter – summer tours & reviews, several miatas for sale August 2014 Exhaust Notes Newsletter – 2016 miata announced, California Dreamin’, reviews. September 2014 Exhaust Notes Newsletter -lots of reviews, Laguna Seca update, a couple miatas for sale, opportunities to volunteer to help out the Club.
October 2014 Exhaust Notes Newsletter – Rich’s review of their Laguna Seca trip, volunteer opportunities, holiday party announcement, fall events. November 2014 Exhaust Notes – fall tour reviews, election nominees, banquet request form. December 2014 exhaust notes – election, banquet,  review of 2015 Mazda CX5 & 2015 Mazda 3.

Newsletters from 2013.

2013 January Exhaust Notes newsletter 2013 February Exhaust Notes newsletter 2013 March Exhaust Notes newsletter 2013 April Exhaust Notes newsletter
2013 May Exhaust Notes newsletter 2013 June Exhaust Notes newsletter 2013 July Exhaust Notes newsletter 2013 August Exhaust Notes newsletter
 2013 September  Exhaust Notes newsletter 2013 October Exhaust Notes Newsletter 2013 November Exhaust Notes  Newsletter  2013 December Exhaust Notes Newsletter 

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  1. I met Gary Savage at a auto paint store. He saw that I was driving a 1995 Miata5 and asked if I heard of your club. I said “no” and he gave me one of your cards. I would like to get your newsletters and any other info. Thank you Dave Plageman

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