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The most current newsletters are in the Members’ Only section. Note that each newsletter in this archive will have the then-current information about upcoming dinners and tours, reviews of prior month’s dinners and tours, minutes for the previous meeting, list of officers, and membership info.  Other articles are noted in the box for each newsletter.  Click on the highlighted month/year to view that newsletter in a separate tab in your browser.  Close that tab to return to this page.

Newsletters from 2022

January 2022 a report on the Holiday party special recognition to John & Donna Garsteck and Bill Titley and lots of pictures.  New officers for 2022

Newsletters from 2021:

January 2021   report on annual meeting, election of officers, and Member of the Year. February 2021   Report on Planning and Budget meetings. March 2021 
April 2021 May 2021  June 2021 
 July 2021 .   August 2021 . September 2021
October 2021 November 2021 December2021   Ballots for Officers for 2022, Proposed By-Law addition,


Newsletters from 2020:

January 2020  Report on Annual Holiday Party and new Officers February 2020 March 2020  Details on many dinners and tours added for 2020
April 2020
May 2020   Delay of Zooming in the Mountains Tour to Sep.

June 2020   Cancelation of Club Picnic.  Information on “5 to Drive Tours”
July 2020   By- Law changes and reports on events that were not canceled!  Revised minutes for June meeting .

August 2020   Proposal for adjustments to correct 3 of the recently approved By-Law changes. September 2020   Minutes of 8/23/20 Board meeting.  Revised Proposal for by-law adjustments.
October 2020  Ballot for voting on Revised adjustments to By-Law changes.  Miata and accessories for sale.  Winter storage tips. November 2020  Ballot for election of Officers for 2021 and Ballot on proposed by-law changes.  New location for winter meetings December 2020  report on Autocross season, information and ballot for the election of Officers for 2021.  Approval of proposed by-law changes.  Annual Holiday Party canceled..

Newsletters from 2019:

January 2019 February 2019  A tribute to Rancie Titley.
March 2019  30th Anniversary Miata unveiling at Chicago Auto Show.
April 2019  
May 2019  June 2019:  
July 2019 August 2019 September 2019 policy on advertising cars
October 2019 November 2019   December 2019 


Newsletters from 2018:

January 2018  – Officers for 2018 elected and by-law changes approved. February 2018  Planning meeting,  new By-Law change. March 2018 .
April 2018 May 2018 –  Autocross results June 2018   –  Updated autocross results.
 July 2018  –  Holiday Party committee formed. August 2018  –  Article on Adding a Backup Camera. September 2018 –  .  In the Garage article on tires.
October 2018   Member Photo Directory.  In the Garage article on first factory restored Miata. report on Put-in-Bay Vintage Road Race Reunion. November 2018 Exhaust Notes –  Updates on the Holiday Party and Annual Planning Meeting and the Member Photo Directory. December 2018 Exhaust Notes –  Looking for new Director of Merchandise.  

Newsletters from 2017

January 2017 – election results, mid-size truck review, February 2017 –  RIP Jackie Williams. March 2017 – Product Review: Koni FSD shocks.
April 2017  –  Fiat 124 Spider test drive, Club waiver discussed. May 2017 June 2017
July 2017 August 2017 September 2017 – Proposed By-law  changes explained.
 October 2017 November 2017 December 2017  – By-law changes.

Newsletters from  2016

February 2016 SEMA Show in Las Vegas, Miata Engine Oil Leaks Guide.
March 2016  a Miata cooling system maintenance guide, the history of the   ‘Mazda’ marque… April 2016   – the new 2017 MX5 RF version, review of a rollbar installation project, another miata maintenance guide.
May 2016 Memorial Car Show, National Road Tour, June 2016 -photo reviews and 2016 Mazda3 reviewed.
July 2016  – Miata facts you didn’t know. August 2016 – 
September 2016    October 2016  
 November 2016  . December-2016  Continental Tire Carrier.


January 2015 – Bicentennial Barns Intro story, planning meeting, new Officers.  February 2015    –
March 2015  April-2015  – A couple reviews are included too.
May-2015 – June-2015  – NMC Silver Anniversary Tour.  .
July-2015  – . August-2015
September-2015  – ND reviewed.  Bob tackles cold-air intake mod.  . October-2015- Bob’s still making changes to his MX-5.  MAZDA KOERU – The all-new crossover concept is reviewed plus 2016 Mazda CX-3 S is reviewed.
November 2015 – storage tips, MX-5 Cup: Race Car Production news. December 2015 –  Part 2 of Bicentennial Barn Tour Review,  CX-9 reviewed, Fiat 124 released.


January 2014 2014 February March 2014 .
April 2014 . May 2014 June 2014
July 2014  August 2014  – 2016 miata announced September  2014 -Laguna Seca update,
October 2014  –  Laguna Seca trip, November 2014 December 2014  – election, banquet,  review of 2015 Mazda CX5 & 2015 Mazda 3.

Newsletters from 2013.

2013 January  2013 February 2013 March 2013 April 
2013 May  2013 June  2013 July  2013 August
 2013 September 2013 October  2013 November   2013 December 

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  1. I met Gary Savage at a auto paint store. He saw that I was driving a 1995 Miata5 and asked if I heard of your club. I said “no” and he gave me one of your cards. I would like to get your newsletters and any other info. Thank you Dave Plageman

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