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“Designed to Ride” Tour – Tue 2/12/19

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Hosted by The Ottes & Selbys

This drive is a “non-Miata” drive.  We will begin the tour at the End of the Commons store in Mespotamia  Click here for website  or click here for directions. This store has all sorts of items that our parents and grandparents would have purchased. Then we travel to the Packard Museum in Warren (click for website) to see the Packards, Corvettes  from the Mahoning Valley Corvette Collectors Club, and the 30 Vintage motorcycles on display. All of this makes one think of Spring!!  The entrance fee for senior citizens is 5.00/ea.

As always we will end this drive with an afternoon lunch at about 1.30 PM. This should make a nice day of getting together and enjoy seeing things that are in our area.  Come join us for a midwinter tour.

To sign up contact us via email or 216-780-4533