Northcoast Competition Team Results

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2018 ASCC Autocross Results: 

The table below shows the finishing position for each club member for each event in each class.  Also shown are the Year-to-Date Total Points and Class position.  Note that the results shown are based on all drivers in that class – not just the Competition Team Members.

Event No: #1 4/15 #2 4/22 #3 5/13
#4 5/27
#5 7/22
#6 9/22
#7 9/23
#8 10/14
#9 10/21
#10 10/28
 YTD points*
YTD Class position*
Class / member
Rich Velardo 2 3 191 2
Kevin Jones 8 7 144 7
Tony Oriti 2 7 6 254 1
Tom Walden 6 83 10
Bob Palmer 3 91 6

Event 4 May 27:  There were 144 drivers at the event – most this year.  We had four club members racing again and looking for more.   There was no rain and while it was HOT, there was some shade to be found & drivers had a great time.  Rich ended up 3rd in CSP,  less than 2 seconds off first place and Bob Palmer picked up a nice 3rd in ES in his first time out this year.  Kevin & Tony started out as rookies this year and they’re improving with each time out.  YTD, Tony is leading in  CS and Rich is second in CSP.

The next autocross is July 22nd, that gives us plenty of time to get our excuses in order. This also gives all of the non-autocrossers in the club time to plan ahead & join us, either as drivers, spectators, or passengers.  Rich carries a second helmet for any club member to borrow if they want to drive, or ride along.

Event 3 May 13:  No team members competed due to scheduling conflicts and weather.  Overall 79 drivers participated in the event.

Event 2 April 22:  The second event had great weather and much higher turnout. – 127 drivers.  Rich Velardo earned 2nd place in CSP Class but the ND’s in their CS class did not fair so well as we claimed positions 6-8.  But it was lots of fun and plenty of room for improvement.

Event 1  April 15:
The Autocross season started wet and windy and only 67 drivers, including one of our members, braved the elements.  Tony Oriti did his first autocross and finished second in his class.

Click here for the ASCC page with complete results for each event 

__________________________________________________________________________2017 ASCC Autocross Season Final Results:                                                     

Class Position Name # of Events
CS 1 Tom Walden 8
CS 10 Joe Hatala 2
CS 12 Nancy Hatala 2
CSP 2 Rich Velardo 7
ES 11 Bob Palmer 2

*Note:  The season results are determined by total points earned during the season based on the driver’s best 8 events.  A driver gets points for each event based on how well he/she places in that event.  So, if a driver races each event & does fairly well, he/she can finish the season in a higher position than a driver who races only a few times but finishes higher in those individual events.  The YTD class position is posted when updated by ASCC




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