2021 Events

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This page contains posts and pictures from Tours and events completed in 2021. Additional details are available in the newsletters.
Holiday Party                                                               12/16/21

Eighty members enjoyed the 2021 Holiday Party held at Williams on the Lake in Medina on December 16.  Members visited, enjoyed good food and refreshments but especially great comradery.   Daniel Splichal, outgoing President recognized those members that put on the Tours, Dinners, and Lunches during the year.  Special recognition was given to John & Donna Garsteck for their many years of leading the Freeze Your Butt Off Tour, one of the most anticipated and best attended of the Club’s events.  Dennis Beckman, past President, recognized Bill Titley for his many years of leading the Spring Zooming in the Mountains at Deals Gap, also an annual highlight of the Club’s events.

The 2022 Officers elected at the meeting were:  Todd Tannehill, President – who steps up from vice president, Tony Terlesky, vice President, and re-elected were Tiffany Fonner, Treasurer, Len Kozak, Secretary, and Ed Kura, Membership.

Photos by Ava Singerman and Lisa Terlesky.
Competition 2021 Season Wrap Up           12/1/21
Well, it’s a wrap. Our autocross season is done, it’s time to plot our return in the spring. Some of us might be looking into suspension and tire changes, others just a simple alignment to increase handling for autox while all of us are eager to get back into the fun again.
We had a very good show of Northcoast Miata Club members at events this past season, our hope is to get a few more interested members out to give autox a try. The final season results for our Northcoast Club are posted here, on our NCM web-site; https://northcoast-miata.com/autocross-results
Members who were out for at least one event this last season are, Rich Velardo, Tom Walden, Len Kozak, Kevin Jones, Steve Laitinen, Mike DePietro, Bob Maurer, Nate Wein, Cathy & Mike Gillahan. We also had some visitors/riders this past season, Daryl Baker, John Embree, Daniel Splichal, Margaret Gillahan and maybe a few more that I’ve forgotten.
Our club helmets were well used this past season, thanks for the investment in another club activity. Updates for the coming Akron Sports Car Club autox season will be shared as soon as we know about them.
Thanks to everyone for making this a good season & for the great fellowship, bench racing lies and laughs, see everyone & hopefully many more next season.

Rich Velardo
Chairman, Competition Team

AWL – Olesia’s Taverne – Richfield                     10/26/21

Hosts:  Susan & Daniel Splichal

With a fairly sizable waiting list from the AWL held here in Sept, we were able to host second terrific group of 22 in the private dining room.   The persistent wet conditions encouraged most of the members that gathered to drive their “other” vehicle to the AWL.  We met our guests a bit before noon, which made a cozy, enjoyable lunch that much nicer.
Olesia’s is a lovely building with unique architectural details.  Their menu features a combination of Ukrainian and American food in an interesting mix of options.  Our group sat at one long table where conversations crisscrossed as we enjoyed one another’s company.  After lunch, Cher, our waitress and hostess, showed us the basement speakeasy bar with the owners’ names spelled out in pennies.
 And of course, it was wonderful to have many of our Miata friends from meetings and Sundaes on Monday be able to share a part of their day. 
Susan & Daniel Splichal __________________________________________________________________
Country Drive Rallye                                                     10/16
will be a fun trip through some of our wide-open spaces on some curvy roads and will allow you and your navigator to answer a series of questions, the answers of which are all found along your route.   After several hours (or less) we will gather for drinks & food while you check out the photo answers and await the results with fellow rallyers! 

18 cars with 35 participants met on a rainy morning in Richfield for the rules and regs of this 4th Fun Rallye the club has had in the past 6 years. Rallyemasters, Bob Palmer and Ava Singerman, sent the drivers and their navigators off in 2 minute increments just as the sun appeared. Several hours later all the cars had arrived at the finish line, “Barley Jack’s “, to view the photo answer board, discuss the ride & results while enjoying food & drink. Once the score sheets were totaled, prize baskets were awarded to the top 3 pairs; 3rd place Tony & Lisa Terlesky, 2nd place Bob Haseley & Sandy Stowers, and 1st place Bill & Deb Heffern. Fun was had by all!!
Ava Singerman and Bob Palmer
Looking for Good Curves VI                         6/27 & 10/10/21

The Tour this year was run as two small groups on separate days, June 27, and October 10, 2021.  It was a brisk 150-mile loop on curvy backroads in eight counties– Stark, Carroll, Tuscarawas, Harrison, Coshocton, Guernsey, Holmes, and Wayne. Several county road maintenance crews had done an excellent job of providing us with smooth new pavement on many of our roads. The tour started just south of Canton and ended in Dalton on US 30.

The weather for the June tour was a bit chilly at the start but before long all tops came down to welcome the sunshine as our small group breezed swiftly through the route.

All tops were down for the October tour as it was a perfect autumn day with touches of color here and there. One car almost left the road at a tricky blind curve, but a cool head and expert driving kept them moving in approximately the right direction, and all was well. Whew! Later, the tour leaders led the group astray because they missed a turn onto a side road and the group had to do a community u-turn to get ourselves back on course. Fortunately, we were in the middle of nowhere with no other traffic around, not even a horse and buggy. At one point we came across a large group of Amish ladies out for a walk, but everyone shared the road safely.

We thank all our participants for making the tour so much fun: June tour: Daryl and Jane Baker, Dennis Beckman and MaryAnn Tower, Len and MaryBeth Kozak, Rich Velardo. October tour: Dave Levy, Tony Oriti, Dan and Sue Splichal, Tony and Lisa Terlesky, Tom Walden, Charles and Judy Wolf.

Your tour leaders,
Becca Gustavel and Bob Maurer
(and of course, CAR NOIR, 2011 Miata PRHT)

AWL – Olesia’s Taverne of Richfield                    9/28/21

Hosts:  Susan & Daniel Splichal
Olesia’s Taverne of Richfield is a beautifully renovated, historic building where our Miata members met for lunch.  The authentic Ukrainian cuisine was augmented with traditional American selections for a wide variety of delicious choices. 

Olesia’s only allowed us 20 people; but we had a beautiful room with chandeliers and a tin paneled ceiling all to ourselves.  In our private room, it was easy to gauge the enjoyment of one another’s company by the volume level of collective conversation.  Very shortly we were leaning forward to hear the person seated directly across from us. 

After lunch, Olesia’s sweet, vivacious events planner, Nicole, gave us a tour of the intriguing basement speakeasy bar, the top-level boat-style ceiling ballroom and the outdoor patio with a clear-sided enclosed tent complete with heaters.  When you have a chance to visit Olesia’s, the bar is well worth seeing.  Nicole also spoke of the history of the building and future plans for the restaurant.  The opportunity to gather was a fun afternoon enjoyed by all.
Susan & Daniel Splichal
AWL – Salted Dough                                                       09/11/21

An ‘Around the World Lunch’ at the Salted Dough in Broadview Heights was a fun adventure for the 23 of us who shared a private patio. The temperate afternoon was augmented with a quite brisk breeze which besieged rather boisterous table umbrellas seemingly with a mind of their own. The impressively quick reflexive reactions of a few of our members prevented everyone from getting bonked and menus from ending up in Brecksville. The breeze helped with a few pesky hornets, one of which was cleverly trapped by Judy W.  The unique and delicious food combined with the friendship at our tables, however, as we all defied the elements and had a wonderful lunch with great Miata friends.
We welcome members to join future AWL and AWD gatherings as they are excellent opportunities to enjoy each other’s company.      

Susan & Daniel Splichal
Jazz Concert and Ice Cream Social                             8/15/21

Northcoast Miata Club members were special guests at the Parma Heights Baptist Church’s Ice Cream Social and Jazz Band Concert.   Northcoast Miata Club members Tim and Cara Hunsicker and Ron and Jayne Nelson, graciously extended an invitation to club members.  Tim is an associate pastor at the Church and Ron plays saxophone for the Swing Time Big Band.  The parking lot had a number of reserved spots just for our Miatas and featured two large custom A-signs, adorned with helium balloons. The Ice Cream Social was in the beautiful timber framed Holy Cross Pavilion.  Under ideal weather conditions, the Concert portion followed with the 16-piece Swing Time Jazz Band featuring Emily Rich on vocals.  The hour and a half concert included a wide variety of songs from the past sixty years and a large dance floor with couples swinging to the melodies.
Thanks to our hosts for inviting NMC members to their Ice Cream Social and Jazz Band Concert.  It was truly a memorable event.

Susan and Daniel Splichal
Autocross Event 9                                                                      8/15/21
6 members turned out for a great day of autocross, 5 driving and 1 riding (hopefully to drive next time).  NateWien had the fastest time of our club members; the final results will be posted once Akron Sports Car Club releases them.  Click for a video of one of Rich Velardo’s runs.
“Miataville” Ice Cream Social                                            8/7/21

Pastor Todd Martin and his family transformed Smithville into “Miataville” for an Ice Cream Social on Saturday, August 7th, specifically for the Northcoast Miata Club.  The afternoon was a wonderful success.  Club members and other Miata owners invited by the local cleric had the opportunity to enjoy each other’s company and to meet new friends at Pastor Todd’s Mennonite Church with delicious ice cream and an abundant array of fun toppings.
We are most grateful to Pastor Todd for the kind invitation.  All who attended Car Show and Ice Cream Social were able to appreciate the lengthy line of shiny Miatas along with a chance to spend the afternoon together.  We waved at many people driving by who honked a hello to our group.

Thank you, again, to our gracious hosts for a most memorable event.

Susan & Daniel Splichal
AWD Guarino’s Restaurant                                                7/28/21

Hosts:  Dennis Beckman and Maryann Tower
Our group of 18 enjoyed the beautiful patio and great food at Guarino’s Restaurant in Little Italy. It was a delicious evening, despite some parking challenges, and the weather that cooperated nicely. This has become a fan favorite, so we’ll definitely put it on the Miata calendar again for 2022.
Dennis Beckman & Maryann Tower
AWD Mandarin House                                                   7/13/21
Thirty Five club Members met at the Mandarin House Chinese Restaurant in Parma Hts. for an Around the World Dinner. We enjoyed a great meal and socializing with great friends. We would like to thank everyone for attending.
Gary and Charlene Davis
Looking for Good Curves, Tour VI                                 6/27/21
Click this link to see Rich Velardo’s videos of the drive 
Tour Leaders:   Becca Gustavel and Bob Maurer
The Good Curves tour is being run twice this year in order to keep the group small mainly for safety reasons because of the brisk pace of the tour.
The first group drove the 150 miles of curvy roads on June 27 in record time: Rich Velardo, Len and Marybeth Kozak, Dennis and Maryann Beckman, Daryl and Jane Baker. The tour took us through the less-traveled parts of four counties south of Canton and ended with delicious ice cream treats at Dalton Dairy-ette, treats that were desperately needed for medicinal purposes on that 90-degree day. Thanks to all who joined us,
There is a waiting list for the second running of this drive in October.
Bob Maurer. _______________________________________________________________________
New Member Mini Miata Drive                              6/19/21

Tour leaders Greg & Judy Selby

Again, rain threatened as we were waiting on new members to arrive for the second New member Mini Miata Drive for 2021.
As we gathered, the rain subsided to allow some time to visit and hold the drivers meeting .  Those attending were Brian and Eileen Attwood, John & Memphis Bailey, Mike & Cathy Gillahan, Karen Mangus, Mike & Susie Sikora. Tony Ortit & Jackie Molina were our sweeps and we were pleased to have V-P, Todd and Dee Tannehill join us for this drive.
    The caravan ventured out exactly at 12:30 PM.  A few had their tops down and experienced just a few sprinkles along the way.  All went well, arriving at the Red Hawk Grill on time after the 40 mile drive.  Questions were asked and answered and experiences shared amongst the group, After a delicious lunch, the group departed for home at 3:45PM. 
      We encourage all new members of the Northcoast Miata Club to take part in the experience of sharing the road. We try to schedule 1 drive per month depending on how many new members join.  
Looking down the Road
Greg & Judy Selby

Meet-up with Toledo Miata Club                                            6/5/21

Fifteen cars of the Northcoast Miata Club met at the “Cleveland” sign at Edgewater Park. The drive was lead by Len and Mary Beth Kozak and sweep Todd and Dee Tannehill. We headed out west on Route 6-the Lake Erie Coastal Tour to meet up with the Toledo Miata Club in Norwalk, Ohio. The weather was perfect for a top-down drive. Doug Leavens and Mary Beth Kozak provided fun facts, information, and points of interest along the drive as we followed the Lake Erie shoreline.

The Toledo Club brought 11 cars and we all enjoyed lunch together. Greg and Terri Wilkins(Toledo) broke us up into mixed teams for a fun and interesting game of Miata Trivia which everyone enjoyed! A lot of us realized we didn’t know as much about our Miata’s as we thought! We socialized and then had a group photo taken of both clubs. The day ended with the traditional stop for ice cream at a local shop and new friends were made.

Len and Mary Beth Kozak

MX5 Time Travel to Zoar, Ohio                                   6/2/21

Hosted by Ron & Linda Otte and Greg & Judy Selby

The weather forecast was rain, but as the string of Miata’s left Ravenna we only had cloudy skies. This was a very leisurely drive thru small towns on our way to the Village of Zoar, (Atwater, Alliance, Minerva, Pekin, Oneida, Malvern, Waynesburg, and Magnolia). The count of how many traffic lights we
experienced on the way was lost after 22. We did manage to stay together for the most part. Rain threatened with sprinkles but not enough to use the wipers. Some we watching the radar on cell phones show an all green event going on.
The group arrived at the main parking lot in downtown Zoar and walked across the St to Donnie’s Tavern where we had reservations for lunch. A separate room was provided for our group of 19 people. the food was delicious and the service was excellent. The most interesting entrée was Dan Splichal’s “Hanging Grilled Cheese”. (see picture).
Being well fed, we gathered outside (still no rain). Everyone had a choice of a self guided tour enjoying the grounds, or a walking tour with a guide. A couple took advantage of the guide and was able to spend several hours learning about the history of the Zoar Settlement.
We thank the following members for joining this interesting tour. Mike & Cahty Gillihan, Bob Hasley & Sandy Stowers, Mike & Lois Klerko, Dale & Cathy Hutton, Tom, Walden, Toni Oriti & Jackie Molina,Dan & Susan Splichal and Bob & Chris Snode.

Discover Youngstown                                                                     5/19/21

Hosted by the Ottes & Selbys

This drive was first scheduled for May 5th and much to our dismay had to be postponed due to the inclement weather we were experiencing.  So on Wednesday, May 19th, 9 Miatas gathered in Ravenna for a trip down I-76 to the Museum of Industry and Labor in the Youngstown Historical Center.  It was a reminder of the reality of the life of a steelworker.  There were a few of our members that had spent some of their working years in the steel mills and could relate to the hard work involved.
     The next stop a few miles down the road was the Fellows Gardens located in the Mill Creek Park.  The grounds were beautiful and the fountains with seating areas gave such an atmosphere of relaxation. The next leg of the drive began in the Mill Creek Park( (which covers 4500 acres)
driving good roads and enjoying the shady areas..  We stopped about a half a mile from Lanterman’s Mill and most walked to tour the mill.  This involved many levels of declining stairs to reach the mill. Our group was such a hardy bunch. The Mill was built in 1846 and is still operating today.
     The drive continued through the park, eventually arriving at Kensington Grille for lunch.    We were all hungry and enjoyed having time to share experiences and conversations. The final stop was White House Farms, a few miles away where wonderful fruit, produce, pies and donuts were purchased to take home and enjoy.  

21st Annual Spring Miatas at the Gap                     5/9 – 14/21

Hosted By Bill Titley

This was the 21st annual Spring Miatas at the Gap and there were 17 cars – 11 cars from the Northcoast Miata Club, 4 cars from the NWOhio Miata Club (Toledo), and  2 cars from the Space Coast Miata Club of FL.  The week-long trip included different drives each day and most days included one or more trips up and down the Tail of the Dragon – 318 curves in an 11 mile stretch of 2 lane nirvana! We were lucky enough to have four very good to great Gap runs – that in of of itself made the trip fabulous!  Other drives included going through Tellica Plains over to Ducktown and back up via route 30, backroads over and around the Lenore area, back roads gong to Cherokee, the Cherahola Skyway, the Foothills Parkway , and other local notorious “twisty” roads.  On Friday we ran Stechoah and Wayah Valley roads.  Everyone enjoyed too much food, fantastic driving, and marvalous commaraderee and despite the pipeline hack, no one ran out of gas!!  A great six days!!! Next year’s limit will be 20 cars on Sunday May 8 thru Friday May 13 and there are already 11 reservations.  Call me if you have any questions.

Zoom zoom,
Bill Titley

New Member Mini Miata Drive                                          5/15/21

Hosted by Greg & Judy Selby
We met with 3 new Northcoast Miata Club members for the first New Member drive of 2021.
They were Scott & Gina Diosy, Ron & Tami Cross and Joe & Christine Welling. Dan & Susan Splichal joined the group and provided snack bags for us to enjoy. Toni Oriti and Jackie were the sweeps for the day. (Thank you Tony & Jackie)

The weather was perfect and the choice was given whether top up or top down. The route we travel has the landscape changing every 15 minutes or so keeping it interesting for those new to the area. The lunch destination, Red Hawk Grill, was reached and
we all enjoyed relaxing and socializing with a great group of Miata Enthusiasts.
Greg & Judy Selby

Competition Reports                                                                        5/2/21 
YAY! Finally the weather was perfect, dry, sunny & warm as opposed to the previous autox events that were wet, cloudy & cool. This great weather was something new for us this year & we happily enjoyed the day. The food truck was swamped with diners all day, breakfast & lunch orders kept them busy.
New member Mike Gillahan and his 13 year old daughter (aka; Passenger Seat Ballast) were there for his first ever autox and he put up some excellent times. Mike DePeitro was back after the last year of boredom, nice to have him with us again. Overall we had 7 members having fun playing with their Miatas that day. 
We have one more event on May 16th, this is our last until Sunday, August 15th, don’t miss this event. We can also consider doing some of the SCCA events, if anyone is interested in some “parking lot” racing. 

We had two events in April, both days began cold but both dried out & warmed up quickly and we had a lot of fun. On the 18th all of the MIatas ended up in the same run group, something that doesn’t often happen. There were probably 15 or more Miatas from all the different Miata classes running then, it was fun to all be together for a change.
As usual, we can proudly say, “We had a great time”…which says it all about how we finished.  Our club was represented by 7 members for the last event, we’re hoping for more in the nicer weather that’s coming.
There are two more events coming up in May, the 2nd & the 16th. Please remember to ask for a loaner helmet ahead of time, if you don’t have a helmet.
 Rich Velardo
Freeze Your Butt Off Tour                                                  4/24/21

Hosted by John & Donna Garsteck

Group Leaders: John & Donna Garsteck, Mike & Lois Kerklo, Jan & Bob Stefancic, and Joe & Sandy Wilick
Sweeps:  Dan & Terri Cali, John & Jeannie Embree, Len & Mary Beth Kozak, and Ed& Judy Kura.

After having to skip the tour last year due to COVID, the 25th Annual Freeze your Butt off Tour in 2021 had 37 cars and 74 members enjoying one of the most popular of the club events.  The tour started in Medina and traveled south along several curvy roads down to Amish country and ended with lunch, observing COVID guidelines, at the Der Dutchman Restaurant in Walnut Creek.  The weather was great and top down driving didn’t require the multiple layers and strong heaters that some tours required.  ! Thanks to all those that worked so hard to put on this event!!!

AWL 17 Public Square & Sarah’s Vineyard            4/10/21

Hosts:  Gary & Charlene Davis
The lunch was attended by
20 members who enjoyed good food & conversation at 17 Public Square in Medina, OH. Following lunch, we enjoyed a back roads drive to Sarah’s Vineyard in Cuyahoga Falls, OH. for more casual conversation and wine.  It was a picture-perfect day! Enjoyable lunch, Miata roads, delicious beverages, and great conversation!
Gary & Char
Autocross Test & Tune                                                            3/28/21

Three of our members braved the cold and wet weather at the start of the testing event, Len Kozak, Bob Maurer, and Rich Velardo.  But the weather improved during the event as did the times.  Here are videos of a couple of Rich Velardo’s runs, one wet and slow and one dry and fast!  The first autocross points event will be at Dragway 42 on April 11.  Hope to see some “fair-weather” autocrossers out for that event!

AWL:  Dominic’s Italian Restaurant                                  1/16/21

Hosts: Mary Beth & Len Kozak and Judy & Ed Kua

We kicked off the AWL/AWD year with our first luncheon on Saturday, January 16.  The lunch was attended by 14 club members who enjoyed Italian fare at Dominic’s Italian Restaurant in Medina.  Following lunch, several of the members went to the H2O wine bar on the square in Medina. We toasted to all that the new year is bringing us by being members of the NCMC and all the drives, dinners, and events we have to look forward to.
Everyone enjoyed the company, food, and conversation. It was a great start to our AWL/AWD season.

Mary Beth and Len Kozak
Judy and Ed Kua

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