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This page contains posts and pictures from Tours and events completed so far this year.  Additional details are available in the newsletters.

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Leisurely Drive  and Lunch II  – 10/13/18
Tour leaders:  Ron & Linda Otte
This was a “make up” tour for those unable to join the Tour on Jun 23 (see below) which had more members signup than could be accommodated on one tour.  The day started out with a mist on the windshield and cold but the roads were dry.  The first stop was at TP Tools in Canfield. The owners, Fred & Bob Zwicker have an impressive car collection and a store that sells car restoration equipment and materials.  We meandered down the road to Calcutta, OH on some “normal” and some challenging roads on the way to Bear Creek State Park.  Members were able to visit a few historic buildings before the tour resumed.  Leaving the park we traversed a one way bridge up a very narrow hill to the top and went down the other side.   We arrived at the Shale Tavern & Grille in Lisbon, OH for lunch and socializing.   See you in the Spring for another tour.
Looking for Good Curves IV, 9/23/18
Tour leaders: Marcello and Peggy Codispoti, Becca Gustavel and Bob Maurer.

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This was a brisk 200 mile tour of some of the curviest roads we could find in five counties south of Canton.  Seventeen cars were divided into two groups so that we were better able to stay together.  Group Noir had 8 cars led by Bob Maurer and Becca Gustavel and Group Rouge had 9 cars led by Marcello and Peggy Codispoti.  The tour started at 9:30 at I-77 Exit 101 just south of Canton and travelled through several counties that are known for their many curvy roads, had a lunch break in Cambridge and on the last forty miles of the tour we slowed down the pace in order to enjoy the Amish countryside between Millersburg and Canal Fulton.   After the drive, we enjoyed a needed rest and refreshments at Osers Ice Cream in Canal Fulton.  The attrition rate on the road was a little high this year, with only 14 cars completing the tour – no serious problems, but sometimes ‘things happen’.

This tour saw a variety of wildlife and farm animals up close and personal.  A farmer waved us down so that their cow could complete her trip peacefully across the road.  Shortly after that there was a flock of very large vultures, and later a few deer, an escaped goat and later a coyote waiting patiently to cross the road.
Mystery Tour 9/15/2018
Tour Leader John James

The Mystery Tour started at the Cuyahoga Valley Park Visitor Center, on a late summer afternoon.  The weather was great as 12 Miatas began to drive through some nice back roads through parts of northeastern Ohio.  We ended up for dinner in Aurora, Ohio at the recently opened Delciello’s Italian and German Restaurant.  It turned out to be a perfect late summer evening capped off by a delicious meal.
Village Walk-About Tour, Volant, PA.  9/5/18
Tour Leaders:  Mike and Lo Kerklo

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Twelve Miatas with 24 members on board departed the Ravenna area for the town of Volant, PA.   A hot and humid day was forecast, but the morning was quite pleasant, tops down all the way.  Rt. 305 skirted the group around Mosquito Lake, then into PA near Hermitage, then on to New Wilmington and a quick side trip through a quaint old covered bridge. We arrived in the village of Volant, parked under a grove of shady trees by the local trout stream, spread out a blanket and had some snacks before exploring a variety of specialty shops, antique shops, grist mill, a small winery and an Orvis store (fishing).  Shopping done and wine sampled, we headed to lunch at the Iron Bridge Inn and held a mini raffle while waiting for our food.  The hot and humid afternoon meant Tops UP, air ON as we made our way back to the Buckeye state with the traditional ice cream stop at Grumpy’s near Mosquito Lake.
Teaming up with Friends of Corvairs Tour  Sept 8, 2018
Tour Leaders: Greg and Judy Selby

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Our drive with the Corvair club had 15 cars – 7 Miata’s and 8 Corvair’s and a total of 30 members from both clubs.
The tour started at the Cuyahoga Valley Visitors Center in Valley View with a bit of mist but cleared for the drivers meeting.  The line of 15 vehicles left to traverse the Bedford Reservation Park System then meandered over to the Brecksville Park System and traveled newly paved windy roads under a drizzly sky.  A few other fun roads took us to Stow where we had lunch at the Texas Roadhouse.  There 30 hungry car enthusiasts were ready for lunch in a private room.  The food was hot and delicious, the service exceptional and it was a great time to share car stories between clubs.
Meet in the Middle Picnic at Mohican State Park – Aug 26, 2018

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Rain, rain go away was on everyone’s mind as the Miata Club lined up their cars for the drive to the 4th annual picnic with the Buckeye Miata Club from Columbus.   It was rain free on the 2 hour trip to Loudonville with one group led by Mike and Lo Kirklo, with Jan and Bob Stefancic as sweep, and a second group lead by Gary and Char Davis,  with Marilyn and Jim Nenadal as sweep.   Everyone unloaded chairs and goodies to share while club members started to cook hot dogs and burgers.  The food tables were loaded with pies, cookies, salads, pastas, baked beans and deviled eggs.  Thanks so much to the Buckeye Club and our own members for another super “Meet in the Middle ” event!!
New Member Mini Miata Tour  II – August 4

Tour leaders Greg and Judy Selby
There were 7 new members with 4 Miata’s, Mark Wittler & Lisa, Jim Woolf and Willa, Brian Zimlich & Nancy and Sharon Zinser.  Also joining us were club president Mike Klerko & Lois and Tony Oriti as sweep  for a caravan of 7 Miata’s.
The group had a beautiful, sunny afternoon to start the tour in Aurora and head out on some winding roads with limited traffic, beautiful scenery and ended up at the Red Hawk Grille in Concord for a delicious lunch while we all cooled down.
Greg provided a packet including the Tour Planning Guide, written by Scott Miller, that gives information of how to plan a tour and how to participate in a tour. This tour is offered to new members that have not been on a tour to give them the opportunity to experience the nuances of sharing the road with experienced members.  To date 18 new members  (11Cars) have joined one of these events.  This event will be offered periodically to encourage new member to participate in other future NCMC events.
Annual Club Picnic – July 14

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Bob and Betty Belding again hosted, for the 14th time, the Annual Northcoast Miata Club Picnic at the former Firestone Homestead, birthplace of Harvey S. Firestone in northern Columbiana County.  Seventy-four members attended and had a great time and enjoyed lots of great food and fellowship with fellow Miata enthusiasts.  Doug and Carol Leavens hosted a 3 hour tour to the picnic through back roads that were more challenging due to Ohio’s Orange Barrel Season.
New Member Mini Miata Tour – June 26

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The inaugural “New Member Mini Miata Tour”, was hosted by Greg & Judy Selby.  This tour was for new members so they could experience a club tour and meet other new members.  There were 11 new members with 7 cars, Jim Beal & Cheryl, Tom Chew & Barb, Len Kozak & MaryBeth, Dan Splichal and Susan, Bill Albertson, Bill Joy and  Jeff Fields.  Our sweep was Tony Oriti – his  first experience as a sweep. (GREAT JOB TONY!)

The tour began in Aurora, Ohio and followed some winding secondary roads with limited traffic and great Northeast Ohio scenery and ended up in Concord, Ohio at the Red Hawk Grille for lunch.  Everyone was glad to be able to cool down from the hot sun and enjoy good food and socialize with other new members.

This event will be offered periodically to encourage new members to participate in other Northcoast Miata events. ———————————————————————————

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Photos by Wayne Baker

Tour Leaders:  Ron and Linda Otte and Greg and Judy Selby.

The day started with the 90% chance of rain but the weather cleared and 12 Miatas and 24 members were off.

The  first stop was at TP Tools in Canfield, which sells car restoration equipment,  where we toured their classic car museum.  The second stop was the White House Fruit Farm,  with wonderful produce, kitchen utensils and pastries.   From this point it was “top down” traveling some great Miata roads to Beaver Creek State Park.  Then back into our Miatas, over a one lane bridge and up a hill  to get back to some more great Miata roads toward our final destination, the Shale Tavern and Grille for a late lunch.
FAB 50’s TOUR – June 16

Hosts: Jared & Tiffany Fonner and Scott & Mary Miller

Pictures from the Fab 50’s Drive-in Tour:

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For this tour, we met at a drive-in restaurant for dinner.  After enjoying the curb-side menu, we cruised to a drive-in theater and enjoyed a movie under the night sky with the tops down.  To make the evening more authentic, all participants dressed in 1950’s period clothing.  Girls were in poodle skirts or pedal pushers and a favorite tight sweater. Guys were in jeans, white t-shirt, leather jacket, letter sweater or the “Ritchie Cunningham” nerd look.  Prizes were awarded for the best dressed couples.
DEAL’S GAP 2018 – May 14 – 19

Here are some pictures from this year’s drive.  There were daily drives through picturesque curvy roads in and around the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, some runs on the Tail of the Dragon, including some early morning runs for those wanting a less crowded road, and good food.  Also individuals took side trips to area attractions.  During the week there were 19 cars and 37 members and guests.  Click to watch the slide show
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This was planned as a leisurely TOP DOWN drive on curvy back roads and a stop for lunch in Amish country.  However Mother Nature did not cooperate, but still 38 cars and 74 members braved the elements and enjoyed a wonderful drive through Amish country, despite a construction delay, and a great lunch at Der Dutchman Restaurant, in Walnut Creek..

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GIRLS DAY OUT –  April 21, 2018


It was a great day in Amish country as 7 ladies from the club enjoyed shopping and dining in Amish country.  There were stops at Miller’s Dry Goods in Charm, cheese shopping at Guggisberg Cheese, then on to Berlin for a light lunch at Ginger House then shopping in Berlin on Main Street.   Then the group was off to Zinck’s Fabric Outlet and more shopping then a quick stop at Grandma Fannies, Coblentz Chocolates and the final stop at Der Dutchman for a relaxing dinner.  In the pic below is Karen Baker, Carolyn Davies, Tiffany Fonner, Mary Miller, Amy (aka Jane Bakers’ mom) Jane Baker and Becca Gustavel.

Great day, great fun and great gals!!

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