Club Contacts:

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The 2019 elected Officers and appointed Committee Chairpersons and Other Contacts are listed below with links to contact them via e-mail.    These volunteers work hard to make the Club run smoothly.  Click the name or position of the person you want to contact.  

President Bob Maurer
Vice President Dennis Beckman
Treasurer Tiffany Fonner
Secretary Jim Lambert
Membership Tony Oriti
Newsletter Editor Ava Singerman
Webmaster  Tom Walden
Committee Chairpersons:
Competition  Rich Velardo
Sundaes on Mondays Doug Leavens
Sunshine  Marsha Showalter
Welcome  Greg Selby
Other Contacts:
Merchandise Tom & Barb Chew
Past President 2018 Mike Kerklo


Connecting Miata Enthusiasts in North & Central Ohio