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Benefits of Membership

  • First-access to our digital newsletter Exhaust Notes
  • Access to the Members’ Only section of
  • A static sticker to display on your Miata
  • A logo pin
  • Club Merchandise – We have Northcoast Miata Club merchandise available and you can view that here: Merchandise Apparel Order Form. (PDF).
  • Your membership contribution to Northcoast Miata Club is used to supplement dinners and events throughout the year, and is used to contribute to select charities each year, and supports communications in various ways to members.
  • See a map here of where our members live: membership MAP.  This is cool.

Two ways to join Northcoast Miata Club

The annual membership fee is $36.00 per family.  There are two ways to join or renew membership:

         OR YOU CAN:

  • complete your application online and pay via Paypal — see below: you must use Paypal if you enroll online.

Step 1: Complete this application now

Step 2: Complete payment

Click this button below to be directed to PayPal. Here you will enter the membership fee and your payment information.

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How much do I pay?

The cost of membership is $36 per year. New members pay a prorated cost of $3 per month in the first year; for example, a new member who joins in May would pay $21, the cost of 7 months. The following year he would pay the full $36.

Now accepting PayPal

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