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Use this page to renew your existing Membership

  • If you are an existing member(s) (either a Member 1 or a Member 1 and Member 2) and want to renew your membership(s) use the form on this page.  We request that you complete the form either Off-line, by printing and mailing it, or On-line.  This will ensure that your information is current for the Club Roster.
  • If you are an existing Member 1 and wish to add a new Member 2, use this form also.
  • If you are NOT a current member please click and use the Apply for New Membership Page.

Dues are $25 per calendar year per member or $50 for both a Member 1 and Member 2.  For 2022, existing Members may renew at the old rate of $18 per Member before April 1, 2022.  On or after April 1, 2022, the dues will be $25 per Member.

Step 1 Print the Renewal MemberApplication   and
Step 2 -mail it with payment to the address on the form, or bring it to a meeting or event.

Step 1 – Complete the On-Line Application below and
Step 2 – Complete Payment via PayPal at Bottom of this page– Note you must use Paypal if you enroll online.  Please make sure you complete Step 2, Payment, at the BOTTOM of this page.

Step 1: Complete this application :

Step 2: Complete payment

In the boxes below:  Select Membership type and payment amount from the drop-down menu below, add any comments / additional information.  Then Click the Pay Now button below to be directed to PayPal. At the PayPal site you may sign in if you have a PayPal account or pay with a credit card.                                                                            *************************************************************************

Membership Type
Note any changes

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