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Following are some links that members have found useful, interesting and / or entertaining.  Most are specific to Miata but others are more general.  If you have other links you would like to share or to report a broken or inappropriate link,  please contact the Webmaster.  These sites are not associated with nor endorsed by the Northcoast Miata Club.

Club Links…
Akron Sports Car Club                                                                                                 NE Ohio Region SCCA;                                           MX-5;

Sales Links…
Mazda USA;                                  MadzaSpeed
Cascade Auto Group;
The Tire Rack;
Moss Motors;
Flyin’ Miata;
Goodwin Racing;
Classic cars for sale.

Trip Links…
Deal’s Gap; Miatas at the Gap XVII;
Fontana Village, NC;
Highland Manor, Townsend, TN;

Competition Links…
Northern Ohio Racing Association;
NE Ohio region SCCA;
NASA Racing;
Anatomy of Autocross (video);
Mid-Ohio Race Track;

Helpful Links…                                                                                                                 Tire Size Calculator;
Find out how to fix your Miata, go to Mike’s Place;

Just for Fun Links…
Automobile                       AutoWeek                                                                                                                          Car and Driver                                                                                                                    Road and Track                                                                                                                        Autoblog, automotive news and test drives.
Jay Leno’s Garage;
The Truth About Cars;
Junkyard Treasures;
Mazda Zoom-Zoom Magazine;



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