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This page has Posts about upcoming Club Events including Around the World Dinners (AWD), Tours, Social Events and other items of interest to members. Everyone is welcome at these events but please notify the designated Hosts by the stated RSVP Deadline.  Especially important, please let the Hosts know as soon as possible if you must cancel. Since our dinners often have 40 people, the restaurants often bring in additional staff – so we must give an accurate count.

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Upcoming Events (updated 4/23/19)
Sundaes Monday location changed for 4/29/19
Autocross Instruction Available
Tour to Club Picnic 6/15
Amish Country Tour 7/20
Tour to Edison Museum 8/10/19

Club Calendar updated 4/23/19
Sundaes on Monday Schedule – Revised
Autocross Information updated 4/22/19
Autocross instruction available
Autocross cancelled for 4/20
Competition Calendar updated 4/19/19
Members Only Page (updated 4/18/19)
Member Roster (posted 4/18/19)
Member Photo Directory (posted 4/14)
1st Quarter Financial Report (posted 4/10)
April Newsletter (posted 3/31)
Member Rosters (updated 3/31)

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