AWL: Olesia’s Taverne – Tue 9/28

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Lunch:  12:00 noon
Hosts:  Susan & Daniel Splichal

We invite you to join us at Olesia’s Taverne for an “Around the World Lunch” at the newly renovated Olesia’s located in a gorgeous 1886 historic Richfield landmark building at 3960 Broadview Road Richfield, OH (click for map).  The restaurant specializes in innovative, enticing, beautifully presented Ukranian dishes yet includes many American favorites, as well (click for their website).
Olesia has allowed us to have 20 members for lunch in a banquet room just to the left of their front door.  We will have a sign-up sheet at the August meeting, or click to email Dan  or call 701.330.5631

Susan & Daniel Splichal