Northcoast Competition Team Results

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Photos courtesy of Akron Sports CCar Club, used with permission

2019 ASCC Autocross Results:
This year events will alternate between Summit Motorsports Park (SMP) and Dragway 42.  The course at Summit is the traditional “sea of cones in a parking lot” while the course at Dragway 42 is laid out on the access roads and very different than the traditional “sea of cones”.  Both are fast and technical with interesting twists and turns.  The table below shows the finishing position for each team member for each event.  Also shown are the Year-to-Date Total Points and Class position.  Note that the results shown are based on all drivers in that class – not just the Competition Team Members.

Event # #1  #2
 YTD points*
YTD Class position*
Class / member
Rich Velardo 2 2 2 275 2
Kevin Jones 7 73 13
Tom Walden 4 72 14
Tony Oriti
Bob Palmer
Gabe Gretz 2 97 6
Event # 7 – Postponed
Event #6  6/22 
Held at Dragway 42 Again the only team member making the event was Rich Velardo who finished second for both the event and year to date. 
Event #5 – 6/9 
Held at SMP.  There were 79 drivers at the event, but the only team member making the event was Rich Velardo as he returned to competition and claimed 2nd in his classHopefully scheduling conflicts will ease up and more team members will be able to make future events.
Event #4 – 5/25
Held at Dreagway 42.  There were 105 drivers at the event but  Kevin Jones was the only team member at the event.  Keven finished 7th in his class in his first time out this year.
Event #3 – 5/12 
Held at SMP.  A very light turnout as only 41 drivers made the event and no team members competed due to the Zooming in the Mountains Tour.
Evernt #2 -4/14 – Cancelled due to weather
Event #1 – 4/7 
Held at SMPThe weather was great and the new course challanging.  There were 90 drivers at the event but only  two club members made the event.  The course at SMP was the traditional “sea of cones in a parking lot” and it was fast, technical and about 3/4 mile long with a LOT of cones and just about every driver needed a few runs to get back into racing mode.  Rich claimed 2nd in his class but Tom had troubles on each run  as was only able to get 4th.

Click here for the ASCC page with complete results for each event 

ASCC Autocross Prior Seasons Final Results:                                                     

2017 Position* 2017 Events
  2018 Position* 2018 Events
CS Tony Oriti   2 6
CS Tom Walden 1 8   5 4
CS Kevin Jones   7 3
CS Joe Hatala 10 2   13 1
CS Nancy Hatala 12 2
CSP Rich Velardo 2 7   2 4
ES Bob Palmer 11 2   9 1
STS Gabe Gertz   6 2

Click here for the 2018 Season detail.

*Note:  The season results are determined by total points earned during the season based on the driver’s best events (normaly best 8 events) .  A driver gets points for each event based on how well he/she places in that event.  So, if a driver races each event & does fairly well, he/she can finish the season in a higher position than a driver who races only a few times but finishes higher in those individual events.

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